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Course-selling websites now are softening the blow. We can have it integrated with marketing tools, less costly builds, tight security walls and the ability to scale with many reasonable resources. Thus, it facilitates serving thousands of students in a blink of an eye.

Hachium provides a simple yet powerful solution. By our cutting-edge platform, you can create your own online school within 10 minutes hassle-free. The rest is time to bring up the course quality and education business to the top-class.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Manage all your courses, students, learning progress and evaluation at ease with our built-in tools and reports.

Monetize your courses

Facilitate earning money from your knowledge in a short time.

Perfect protection for your courses

Don't have to be afraid of being unauthorized course sharing thanks to this powerful encryption.

"Instead of spending countless money and time to wait for my website to be built, I got the job done by Hachium. My website went live in just one day and costed me only 1% as much as expected expense."

Tran Thi Ngoc Hoai

Founder&CEO of Nguonhocbong.com


Provide global learning class experiences with Hachium

It's vital to endeavor your learners reaching their goals effortlessly. Hachium systems will smartly guide you how to supervise and arrange your course contents. No wonders why your learning experience is skyrocketing as expected!

Courses management

Add, edit, classify or delete course easily on a visual interface.

Learners administration

Handle millions of students profile and their learning process meticulously.

Question Banks

Build question bank by various form of questions such as single/multiple choices, matching question, filling in blank and writing topic.

Examination and Evaluation

Tracking learning results in real-time with the automatically scoring system.

"Thanks to Hachium I can manage thousands of learners in just a few minutes. Thus, I have lots of spare time for building better courses for my learners."

Nguyen Duc Viet,

Lecturer of FPT University, Founder of Fedu.vn


Configure your interface and payment as you prefer

You do not have to write a single line of code! Change anything as you like and customize your website as you wish. You are also completely in charge of your payment system, from setting up to earning thounsands of dollars.

Custom domain

Use the default domain or feel free to change it into a custom one as your primary domain.

Customizable displaying

Personalize your website theme by adding photos, changing favicon, picking colors, choosing font for the content. Or short and sweet, you just can opt for our fetching pre-made templates.

Integrated payment methods

Having popular e-commerce payment method integrated conveniently. Accept all major credit cards with a simple and secure checkout, and receive the instant access to funds in your account.

Revenue management

Quickly check your total earning based on the daily or monthly period. You can find report details regarding each of transaction date, leaner or course.


Forget about content-stealing nightmare

Hachium respects efforts of building state-of-art course. Therefore, we will try our best go get all your contents protected. You will no longer be worried about your intellectual property as long as you keep it at our safe.

Courses download prohibition

Any unauthorized download will be prohibited by our encryption technology.

Account sharing restriction

The possibility to track every accessing device, its internet browser and IP in order to forbid violators going further.

Screen recording prevention

Encoding student information by a watermark to make it impossible for anyone recording your courses without permission.

"Hachium works like a miracle to me. The platform helped an artist without technical background thoroughly and protected my course in just a single click! I cannot tell how thankful I am to Hachium's features."

Nguyen Quang Hung

Monochord musician, Founder of Hocdanbau.vn


"Hachium is offering a frenetic yet powerful built for creating an e-learning website. It has lots of suitable features for professional teaching and making money online. Anyone could easily have his individual educational website to spread their knowledge requiring technical skills."

"Not only being the platform that actually aids instructors in selling their online lessons. Besides, Hachium has an user-friendly interface for both teachers and learners to achieve their goals effortlessly."

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