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The first story - Hannah Brauning an English teacher

Hannah Brauning is a teacher at Enkulu - the virtual school teaching English. She is an native American and currently Training Director of a Mexican school. Hannah helped Enkulu a lots by making curriculum and assure teaching quality of the school. Students who have learned from Hannah are grateful and destine compliment Hannah for her enthusiasm. They also refer her to their friends while studying at Enkulu. That's the moment we realised, a good instructor like Hannah is the main reason why Enkulu being so attractive to students.

The second story - Doan Minh Tu, from architect to math

Doan Minh Tu is an architecture engineer. However, he choose to be a mathematics teacher. He's currently opening class for students who are going to take University's entrance exam. Mr. Tu has been helping lots of students entering their dream University. At the moment, he is teaching about hundreds of students monthly. He's always been beloved by all of his students. It's said that some students insist taking his class rather than attending their parent's choices. This proves his attraction among students even he got no official certificate to teach. We soon realised all of this thanks to his teaching methodology, the way he encourages, connects with his students throughout all of the time he spending with them. In stead of giving boring lectures, he tells students stories that are relatable, funny and yet so educational. From the students' point of view, Mr. Tu's not only their teacher but also a big brother to them.

Third story - Trang Teresa the most inspiring teacher

Just like Tu, Trang is not a profession teacher who graduated from any kind of academic college. But no one could deny her ability in teaching English. With the enthusiasm over the years, Trang helped her students from knowing nothing to being fluent in using English. What more interesting is that the student who once hated English has eventually loved the language. This encourages his study progress better and faster. While taking this interview with Trang, I have acknowledge her special power by my own feelings. Especial in the way she helps her student. In Trang's class, students always love the homework, the reactive game that urges them to think and response in English. Trang's not only be an English teacher but also a strong and deep inspirer.

The education specialist will become famous star!

We know one thing for sure that "teachers who could share their immense knowledge along with inspiring and encouraging students will hold the key opening an innovating education." In the future, their role in education industry will be the same as the celebrities nowadays. Teachers will be artists with their masterpiece - course. And students will become their crazy fans who always want for more courses.

Being motivated to be a part of that vision, we have launched Hachium, the platform enables teachers to accomplish their achievement. With Hachium, the experts, instructors or teachers could create their own online teaching website in less than 10 minutes without having to code a single line of code. From that moment, they could have their unique brand, owning their masterpiece enjoyed by their students.

Education will be much more different!

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