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Hachium makes it simple for creating and launching your e-learning website.

User Interface
One-size-fits-all interface
Hachium's modern and user-friendly interface helps user get it right at the first glance. The basic looking can adapt to various business fields such as education, health caring, internal training and e-commerce operating, etc.
Fully editable HTML/CSS
Our platform is open-source. You can customize your website comfortably by inputting HTML/CSS code.
Website branding
Customize your logo, theme and colors, choose the font you favour for your website and change your domain as you wish without any restriction.
Responsive design
Hachium's platform is fully responsive with all screen sizes like PC, laptop, tablet, kinds of smartphone and many other operation systems.
Lecture formats
Free to add numerous types of files into your courses including: *doc, *pdf, image types, audio, video and SCORM zip, or whichever is suitable for your lessons and learners demands.
Unlimited learners and courses
No matter how many students in your website, even up to millions, all of them can enroll in your lectures. Furthermore, you are free to upload no limitation courses.
High capacity lessons
With maximum of 2GB for each file uploaded per lesson, you will be given freedom to provide the highest quality course.
Course preview
Visitors can take some freebies lessons from your course even if they have not enrolled in your course yet. Why don't attract them with tricks under your sleeves?
Better security
Keep your courses in safe by prohibiting unauthorized download, sharing accounts and recording screen thanks to our advance encryption and encoding techniques.
Content protection
Hachium offers three outstanding features: Download prohibition, Accounts sharing and Screen recording restriction.
Payment securities
All payments made on our site are provided with SSL certificate. Thus, all of your data and customer's information is secure.
Website securities
Provided with the fullest control over the administrative information of your website and only you can access those data. Hachium team is always up-to-date and stay awake to make sure your website is running smoothly and stably.
Credit/Debit card approved
Accept payment from various debit cards of all well-known banks. Hachium integrates the payment process by credit card which will permit you to sell your courses to all over the world.
Safety security
All information related to payment transactions and bank accounts are fully protected.
Marketing & SEO
Enhance searching function
Help your potential customers find your courses easily. Hachium offers full set of editable SEO tools such as header, title, meta description, alt text, etc.
Discount codes and coupon
Running promotion programs on Hachium platform as easy as pie. You can choose the discount rate based on fixed amount or percentage-off.
3rd-party analytic integrations
Hachium integrates all the popular tools available in the market to effectively track and engage with customers such as Tawk.to, Disqus, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.
Email marketing
Send notification about upcoming courses or simply launch marketing campaign to all of the potential learners in your website.
Monitor marketing efforts
Measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns in real-time with lots of useful figure.
Affiliate program
A student can be a prospect. Launch affiliate program right in the Hachium platform. Lead the market in your field along with your beloved learners.
Unlimited learners
No hidden fee when someone enrolled in your course. Spread the knowledge to millions of people without costly method.
Instant update
Any changes in features, the platform will be immediately updated without being interrupted.
Custom domain
Launch the online website in less than 5 minutes with your custom sub domain.
Website Management
Account authorization
Hachium helps you separate between administration and courses management rights. Therefore, you and your team member can collaboratively manage e-learning website at the same time.
Course management
All courses and lessons uploaded to our platform have detail information stored and they can be edited at anytime to update the best-suited content for your participants.
Learners' tracking
Quickly search for any learner's information in the fastest way. Importing in-bulk data of thousand student is available. The system can notice and punish any violations as well as reward certificates of completion or excellent performance.
Progress monitoring
AAccess all the learner's courses completion data helping you find out which course is performing well and which isn't. You can also query test result of all learners in real-time.
Studying performance
Instructors are able to keep track of learners statistic including their learning progress, examination results and other's tests carefully.
Updated reports
All figures will be continuously updated daily, monthly or in a period of time you want to evaluate the operating activities in the most effective way.
Export function
You can save the reports for further using to compare, analysis by different tools. Reports can be outputted as a CSV file.
Google Analytics
This reliable marketing tool supports you keep an eye to traffic, amount time visitors spent on each site and their actions, from this point, to improve the website performance better.
Learners benefits
Help your learners gain the access to all courses in your website at the most reasonable price.
Passive income
Member accounts will be charged annually, another minor source for low-key stable income in advance. Thus, you can take time and resources to build more attractive courses and drive more sales.
Community contribution
Grow thousands and millions of beloved followers who eager for any upcoming courses at your website.
24/7 Supporting
E-learning experts team
Hachium experts team including members from technology, education and design fields who are always ready to support you.
Information center
We provide the library of technical information and extensive knowledge about education and e-learning fingertips.
Well-written documentation
Hachium provides helpful information how to build and launch your first ever online website to grow your own teaching business.
Forum and Community
The perfect spaces for discussion, to find all the answers you need from specialists. Join our successful community of online instructors now.

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