Term of Service

By enrolling the service of Hachium ("Service") or other services on Hachium's sub-domain, you accept and agree with terms and conditions as following (also called as "terms of service"). All features and applications of Hachium will comply these terms of service. You can review the new updated terms at anytime here. Hachium has right and obligation to update all the changes of information about terms of service on Hachium's official website. These terms will be included in service contracts and used for legal purposes if there are any disputes.

We suggest you to check and review the Terms of service regularly to get updated about changes which may affect on you. If there is any concern or feedback, please contact us. If you do not want to agree with these Terms of Services, you are not allowed to access or use Hachium's services in order to avoid disputes which may incur.
Please read carefully and agree with all following Terms of Service before using our Hachium.

I. Terms of Users

1. You must be at least 18 years old to use Hachium's services. During the process, you must ensure all Hachium's Term of Service being met under the laws.

2. You have to provide exactly full name, phone number and email along with related information to be supported by Hachium support policies for users.

3. You should know that Hachium will mainly contact you via email.

4. You are responsible of protecting your own password. Hachium will not indemnify any damages or losses caused by your fault when protecting your password.

5. You will be totally in charge of data, graphics, pictures and reports related to content or students on your site or any other tools which linked to this website. You must not add any virus or code which can harm other users or dig into other personal information illegally.

6. If there is any violation of these Terms of Services, Hachium has the rights to immediately close your site on Hachium platform. Hachium has right of referencing to terms you violated in dispute situations.

II. Terms of Services Adjustment Scope

1. Who has the administrator account will take responsibility for all Terms of Service, within the scope of the services provided by Hachium.

2. Who enrolls for service would have the main administrator account and duties to all Terms of Service.

3. Other administrator accounts who got the rights by the main administrator have responsibility for these Terms of Service.

4. Students on e-learning websites must obey the regulations and terms set by the main administrators. Hachium will not be responsible when there is any violation caused by students and related to the laws.

III. General Terms

When enrolling to build a website on Hachium paltform, you accept and agree with all Terms of Service as following:

1. Hachium commits to fully provide technical supporting depending on each service package. Other supporting activities are not compulsory to Hachium.

2. You are not allowed to use Hachium's service for any illegal activities. This term valid under laws in country where you run your business and international laws.

3. You must not to copy, redistribute, resell, reverse translate, separate services provided by Hachium. You are also not allowed to use any techniques to damage Hachium's services. You have to indemnify for Hachium's losses when you commercialize Hachium's services with the third party without permission of Hachium.

4. You are not allowed to use any images, logo or brand of Hachium for marketing, advertising or commercial purposes without permission of Hachium.

5. Hachium only responses to questions about Terms of Service via email address hello@hachium.com or our official contact system. All explaination or discussion on other information sources are only used for reference and cannot be used in dispute solving.

6. You should know that all information on your website (except for information protected as Privacy Policies) will not be security encoded.

IV. Hachium Rights

1. We have rights to adjust or stop the Service due to any violation of Term of Service without advance announcement.

2. Hachium can refuse to provide service to any individual or organization for any reasons.

3. We have right to delete the content, account or website (on our platform) which violates the laws, threatening, obscene, religious, illegal politic activities or violate the intellectual property rights.

4. Hachium has rights to stop providing service or close any accounts have harmful activities to Hachium's customers, staff and brand.

5. We will not preview or examine any content or information on users' websites. Who has the administrator account will take all responsibilities about content they upload on their website.

6. Hachium has rights to provide services to both of your direct and indirect competitors. We will not commit to any monopoly with any parties under any circumstances.

7. In dispute over account ownerships, Hachium totally has right to require evidence from parties to verify your ownership. Those proofs encompass, and are not limited: The principle paperwork or the copy of business license, identity card, passport, the statement of banking transactions, etc.

8. Hachium has right of deciding the legal account ownership and can transfer this right to the appropriate owner. Under the situation where we cannot determine the right owner of the account and website, Hachium will close the account and stop all activities on the website until the dispute is resolved.

V. Hachium Responsibility

1. You need to understand clearly and agree that Hachium will not take responsibility for any damages or losses, even directly or indirectly, subjective or objective, especially the losses affecting on revenues, profits, reputation, right of use, data and other intangible losses when providing services.

2. Under any circumstances, Hachium or the indirect service suppliers, our partners have not to take responsibility for losses related to profits due to the disconnection to our website or our service. You should know that individuals who are directly related to Hachium such as Hachium company, Hachium's partners, Hachium's staff, etc. will not be in charge of those losses. If you use the services provided by the third party, they will have liabilities to fulfill those commitment.

3. Hachium commits to fully and continuously provide services with packages published on our official website at the point of time you make the transaction. We do not have obligation of warranty or maintenance after you cancel the service for any reasons.

4. The commitment related to the continuity of service, security and other features of Hachium are noticed clearly in each service package. Hachium is not responsible for any other features, or securities, continuity of service beyond the service package we published.

5. Hachium does not ensure and have responsibility for the reality of the information about the feedback after using our service on website or any other media channels. The results may be affected at that point of time by other subjective factors in market.

6. Any fault incurring when using product and service of Hachium will be worked on under the conditions. Hachium will not ensure any expectation beyond the features we promise to provide based on the packages. Other agreements only valid if Hachium and users have mutual discussion and arrangement.

VI. Renunciation and commitment completion

If Hachium has any faults or errors in these Term of Service, it does not mean that those terms are cancelled. The terms are known as the complete agreement between you and Hachium; it affects on you when using our service (no matter which updated version of these Terms of Service).

VII. Intellectual Property Rights and Content of Customers

1. We do not require or provide any intellectual rights to the content you uploaded on website or supply to Hachium's service. You have intellectual property ownership to all materials with any types of form uploaded on your website (through Hachium platform). You have totally right to delete your e-learning website and all content uploaded by delete your own account. Hachium does not have responsibility to store or restore those content after you delete your account.

2. By uploading your lectures on your e-learning website, you accept and agree with:
(a). Allow other Internet users to see content your website
(b). Allow students to access your lectures, courses on your e-learning website
(c). Hachium has right to display and store the content uploaded.
(d). Hachium has right of access and adjust the data you upload to ensure the suitability and consistency to our system.

3. You have ownership right of all content on your website even you directly upload or directly reference by links to Hachium. When you upload those data on your website, it means that you allow others to access and use the content. You will be also in charge of your content under the regulations.

4. Hachium commits to protect your information and will not use it for commercial purpose, or use your content as well as brand without your permission (except for the situation where we need information to solve the disputes of ownership or legal issues). Confidential information is account, personal information, students' information and other data within Hachium's security scope. Confidential information does not include:
(a). The information which is published before you use Hachium's services.
(b). The information which is provided on internet by any other parties without reference or note of copyright.
(c). The information which is allowed to published by you.
(d). The information which is required to provide by the law or law enforcement authorities.

VIII. Features

1. You are free to draft the interface, font, color themes and background the way you want. Hachium will track and have any obligations with changes in your own. However, if there are any faults occur due to the inconsistent between your adjusted code and Hachium system, Hachium will work on those errors in our ability and we will not take duty of losses for these activities.

2. The features provided by Hachium are within the service packages you use in Hachium platform. We will notice you if there are any changes about the features via email within 30 days. You can use new updated features which we informed you through email. However, we do not have liabilities to maintain those features if they are not in the service package based on the Hachium's pricing policies at the point of time you use.

3. You can choose or not use the the security feature for you video lectures on your e-learning website. Hachium will be in charge of encoding and use techniques to protect your video content from being (a) downloaded, (b) screen recorded and (c) accessed by different users in Hachium's ability. We do not take obligation to protect your lectures in following situation: (d) you do not turn on security mode in setting, (e) your lecture formats are note supported by Hachium, (f) your lectures are uploaded and stored on another platform different from Hachium, (g) other conditions except for (a), (b) and (c) listed above.

4. The features are provided based on the packages you choose and cannot be separated from the packages. Hachium does not have obligation to provide extra features which are not included in service package you are using. If you want to use features of higher service, please upgrade the package for using. If you want other features which in note included in pricing table, please contact us for advice and pricing.

5. Hachium does not pay the extra costs incurred when you use the integrated features of the third party. We are only responsible for connecting the website's owners to other service suppliers. All costs and losses incurred are beyond the obligation of Hachium, and we will not indemnify for any your losses or damages when you use integrated tools of other parties.

6. Hachium has no responsibility for any loss and cost incurred due to actions or adjustment which are caused by other parties. Please contact the service suppliers to determine clearly their obligation before starting to edit your website. If the codes or data uploaded on Hachium system lead to disputes or damages of current system, we will delete them without pre notice.

IX. Hachium Supporting Team

1. Hachium Supporting Team including certificated member by Hachium to support customer using as well as solving the technical problems. Other technical supporting team that is not certificated by isn't considering as Hachium's Supporter.

2. Hachium only support via email, hotline, livechat on hachium.com and facebook fanpage. Depend on service plan that you use, some supporting time and form during the day are not available. All support is not included in this terms or targets are not mentioned in IX.1 is not Hachium's supporting responsibility.

3. Hachium serves right not to support customer in following circumstances:
(a) You are not website administrator or manager
(b) You contact to target that is not mentioned in IX.1 and IX.2
(c) outside the working hours
(d) Your request is a not listed feature in XIII
(e) Your website is disputed by you and another individual or party or being blocked
(f) any illegal activities or circumstances are not included in this term of service

4. Hachium is not responsible for support any user accounts using your website directly or indirectly. In any case that problem occurs, Hachium is responsible to response website's administrator or manager accounts. All other targets that request support from Hachium will receive our response in some case. However, Hachium does not take responsible for answering and supporting the targets that aren't website administrators or managers.

X. Payment

1. You can pay for Hachium service by cash or using online payment gateways. Visit Hachium.com for more information about payment methods.

2. After complete transaction, Hachium will send you a notification email and activate your website which is connected to your email or email of website's administrator. Hachium will notify you to extend the service plan in 5 days before expiry date. After expiry day, if you don't extend or upgrade the plan, Hachium system will automatically deactivate your website and re-activate after you extend or upgrade the plan. In 6 months that you don't extend or use any service from Hachium, your website will automatically be deleted without notice. Hachium is not liable to storage data and recover all the deleted data.

3. You have chance to participate in Hachium promotion programs, discount, deduct directly from the total service price. To all giveaway programs, you don't have to pay any further cost arises if you agree and comply to all the programs' provisions. If you violate any promotion programs' provisions, Hachium serve the right to discontinue the service and request your compensation cost resulting by your violation.

4. Hachium is not liable to pay tax or any cost arises from your activity. The price of Hachium service plans are not included VAT.

5. Hachium is not liable ro refund no matter the reason at the present.

XI. Payouts

1. Payout is an action to resolve your revenue to calculate the commissions of Hachium according to the service plan as well as pay you the revenue on Hachium system. If the money on Hachium system is more than the total commission according to the service plans, Hachium will pay you the difference. If the money on Hachium system is less than the total commission according to the service plans, you have to pay the difference to Hachium.

2. Hachium will send you notification and payout reports in the first 5 days every next month. You have to complete the payout payment in 15 days to Hachium. If you don't, Hachium will discontinue the service at anytime without notice.

3. If there is any problem occur with payout process, we will notify you during 15 days and settle it as soon as possible.

4. All product related question or problem is taken by email payment@hachium.com. Please contact via this email to solve any product related problem.

XII. Cancel the Services

1. You can cancel the service anytime by contact Hachium via email, hotline. We will send you a detail instruction and support you to cancel the service as well as related data.

2. Once the cancellation is confirmed, all data and contents on your website will be immediately deleted.

3. If you cancel the service before expiry date, you will receive all payout information to the time of cancellation. Hachium is not liable to refund any service fees that you paid before.

4. If you engage in any fraudulent activity or violate the provisions in this term of service. Hachium reserve right to modify or suspend the service without notice at anytime. In other situation, Hachium will send you a notification email and discontinue the service after 5 days if Hachium do not receive any response.

XIII. Changing pricing plan

1. Any change made for pricing plan will be notified 30 days in advance.

2. Hachium reserve the right to modify or discontinue the service.

3. Hachium is not liable to you or any third-party to modify, change the price or discontinue their service.

XIV. Hachium Liability

Within our legal permission by the court of law, Hachium won't be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, special or punitive damages, including but not limited to damages for profit loss, data, use, prestige, and other intangible losses were caused by:
(a) Able to use or unable to use website from Hachium
(b) Any changes were made to Hachium's website
(c) Access without Hachium's permission or make change to the data on Hachium
(d) Delete, fail, or unstorage on Hachium
(e) Any declare or action from a third-party to Hachium
(f) Any other problem related to Hachium

2. All titles are used for convenient purpose and not to explain the provisions in this term of service. If there are any provisions were found as illegal or not enforceable by any court, those provisions will be eliminated out of this term.